A Bizottság ára:

(eg.If your link bring us 1 order, you'll get 15% commission for 1 order.If your link bring us 50 orders, you'll get 17% commission for each order.)

Following the simple steps, you'll get paid:

1. Click to Regisztráció or Belépek

  * reach to your personal honlapja az alábbiak szerint:


  * you can check the Info oldal first. If you are still confused, then continue to read our guide.


2. Find your referral link in personal homepage and click Másolja a vágólapra  gombot.


3. Use Link Generator when you need to generate your own unique affiliate links.


    ① open the product page and copy its link in the address bar


    ② paste the link to Link Generator and click Generate button


    ③ get the affiliate link or HTML code of specific product


4. Check the Guide Tabs Bellow for Each Social Media

  • Youtube Guide
  • Instagram Guide
  • Facebook Guide
  • Pinterest Guide
  • Tumblr Guide

1. kettyenés Youtube icon and Sign in with your Google account.

2. Kattintson Feltöltés button at the top of the page and select the video you'd like to upload from your computer.

3. Wait processing and fill in the information as below.

① video title contains LUPSONA and put your affiliated link and product info in the description bar

② add the related tags

③ choose the video thumbnails

④ pick the your playlist  

⑤ publish                                                                                                      

4. Finish:find and check your video in KÖNYVTÁR at the left. (You can share your video to other social medias by click to Ossza meg)

To all coupon sites: please notice that we don't accept affiliate links on coupon sites.                                     

1. Tap Instagram icon in your phone.

2. Touch Profil szerkesztése to change your bio link.

3. Add your affiliated link in weboldal blank, and tap csinált in the top right.

4. Érintse meg a + gombot in the bottom middle to post your photo.

5. Pick the photo in your Library and tap Következő.

6. Add the description (@lupsona or #Lupsonastyle #Lupsona)

7. Koppintson a Jelölj be embereket and tag Lupsona in your photo.

8. Finish:Tap csinált és Ossza meg.

1. kettyenés Facebook icon and jelentkezzen be.

2. Feltöltés your photo or video with our items, and click Fénykép szerkesztése.

3. Choose TAG, type and find LUPSONA, Save.

4. Add our Affiliated Link and Post.

    *Tips:Use bitly.com   to shorten your generated links.

5. Finish.

1. kettyenés pinterest icon and jelentkezzen be.

2. kettyenés + gombot a jobb alsó corner of Pinterest and click Upload a pin.

*business accout:hover over + at the felső of the page and click kép feltöltése 

3. Create Pin.

① click and choose your image to this blank.

② add your affiliated link in weboldal.

③ add the description.

4. kettyenés Kész.

5. Pick the board you want to save to.

6. Finish:Check your pin and share to other social medias.

1. kettyenés Tumblr icon and log in.

2. Kattintson az Kamera ikon  vagy a Blue pencil button that's always hanging out in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Feltöltés képek a számítógépről.

4. To add click-through links, hover over the photo and click the link icon that appears in the bottom left corner.

5. Add your affiliated link here and click csinált.

6. Type your text description in the post. (add a hyperlink: highlight the text, tap the button that looks like links in a chain, type or paste your affiliated link, and press Add Link.)

7. Add tags by tapping the # icon.

8. Post and share to other social medias.